I am extremely happy and blessed that you are here! My journey through life brought me to this point, to help people such as yourself get closer to reaching their limitless potential.

I love taking individuals deep into their being and to discover what is holding them back from achieving their goals and from living their lives in a free-flowing way, instead of getting caught-up in unproductive thoughts.

It is truly an honor to witness what follows after my clients approach life with A Clear Mind and to see them flourish in ways they never imagined, or even did imagine but needed some help getting there. The shift that occurs always starts from the inside out, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to speak with you to help you level up in your life as so many others (including myself) have experienced with the powerful transformative coaching method.

If you are looking to feel better, maneuver through life with more ease, optimism, and more enjoyment while doing whatever it is you are doing, please contact me. I am excited to share what I learned with you and help you unlock your belief in your limitless potential and help you get where you want to go!

Gabe Nosseir
High Performance Coach

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“Many Of Our Players Now Work With Gabe”

Throughout a long season, it’s important that I find different ways to challenge my team. Our club was fortunate to have Gabe as a guest speaker late in the season and he provided our players and staff with a unique perspective on the importance of mindful communication.

Gabe’s workshop centered around the core ideas of communication in relationship to trust, empathy, and positivity. In order to teach these concepts, you have to be a person who demonstrates these concepts. This is exactly who Gabe is and our players quickly picked up on his authenticity because of his genuine approach. Not only did he engage our group with his discussion, he also challenged them with activities that were both fun and practical. Most importantly, many of our players now work with Gabe individually or in small groups consistently, which I believe provides a competitive advantage for New Mexico United!

Troy Lesense

Head Coach, New Mexico United

“I Have Become More Aware, Present & Happy!”

Becoming a professional soccer player, has always been my dream since I can remember. It is something I always worked toward everyday and I made many decisions in my life growing up knowing I would do all the right things to achieve that dream. When I signed my first contract, I couldn’t have been more happy but I also had no clue of what was to come with it. Most figure you go on to just enjoy everyday of your career and be happy for the short while you have. However, the life of a professional athlete can cause many stress-inducing thoughts about confidence, finances, relationships, job security, family, one’s future, etc., etc…

Gabe guides you to find the way to connect with yourself on a higher level to process all the stress. For me, working with Gabe has helped me center my thoughts and simplify the process of dealing with stress in whatever form it may come. I have become more aware, present, and happy in all aspects of my life due to the work we do together, and find more enjoyment in the little things in life! I highly recommend anyone in a field of high-performance or high-stress to consider working with Gabe. In the end, it will ONLY help!

Niko Hansen

Professional Soccer Player

“Incredibly Helpful, Insightful and Liberating!”

As soon as I heard Gabe speak to our team and explain the foundation of his work and methodology, I knew that I would connect and that I wanted to work with him. The group coaching that we then engaged in was incredibly helpful, insightful and liberating. I left every session with a great sense of peace and grounding, feeling powerful and able in whatever circumstance or situation life was presenting to me. I very much enjoyed the way in which Gabe creates space for feeling good and bad emotions, and the leads you to uncover the roots and motivations underlying those feelings. He is a gifted and generous and authentic man with a heart to help people, and I consider it a huge blessing and privilege to have worked with him in these group sessions

Juan Pablo Guzman

Professional Soccer Player

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