I am extremely happy and blessed that you are here! My spiritual journey through life brought me to this point, to help people such as yourself get closer to reaching their limitless potential.

I love taking individuals deep into their being and to discover what is holding them back from achieving their goals and from living their lives in a free-flowing way, instead of getting caught-up in unproductive thoughts.

It is truly an honor to witness what follows after my clients approach life with A Clear Mind and to see them flourish in ways they never imagined, or even did imagine but needed some help getting there. The shift that occurs always starts from the inside out, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to speak with you to help you level up in your life as so many others (including myself) have experienced with the powerful transformative coaching method.

If you are looking to feel better, maneuver through life with more ease, optimism, and more enjoyment while doing whatever it is you are doing, please contact me. I am excited to share what I learned with you and help you unlock your belief in your limitless potential and help you get where you want to go!

Gabe Nosseir
High Performance Coach

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“Gabe Taught Me A New Way To Look At The World & Myself”

As a professional soccer player, there is a lot of stress and uncertainty that goes into this business. When I first started talking with Gabe, I was having a difficult time and my performance was suffering. Gabe taught me a new way to look at the world and myself. Focusing inward and recognizing thought as the underlying source of all the stress and doubt, I am able to clear the storm inside my mind and clearly see my goals. I am able to see the enjoyment in my profession that I have had since I was five years old. Thanks to the sessions with Gabe, I found a new resonance within my day to day life. I am more present in the moment and have found more fulfillment in everything that I do. Gabe is an excellent coach, and very easy to open up with. I highly recommend Gabe to anyone who wants more peace and happiness in their lives.

Andy Thoma

Professional Soccer Player

“I Have A Clearer Perspective”

While working with Gabe as my coach, I felt truly heard as he lead me to a deeper understanding of my thoughts about what I had been experiencing, and how they were influencing my current actions. Gabe’s insightful and straight forward approach helped me to see more deeply the old beliefs that I held as true, and supported me in releasing them. Ah! Now, I have a clearer perspective and more ability to respond to what is showing up effectively. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to move forward, play full out and show up powerfully in the arena of life.

Katie Pavlik

Transformative Health Coach

“He’s Made A Lasting Positive Impact”

“I have known Gabe the majority of my life now, and without a doubt he’s made a lasting, positive impact on it with a lifelong friendship and mentorship. He has supported me all throughout my journey thus far and has seen me succeed, fail, and start new again, all while sincerely listening and providing guidance when needed. Gabe has always been a calm presence and a voice of reason in my life, and he provides a unique perspective to life that I would most likely not consider without him. If you have the privilege of working with him, wholeheartedly I would recommend it!”

Nico Muñiz

Entrepreneur & former Professional Athlete

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