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by Gabe Nosseir


[FREE] Mini-Course for Parents of Athletes

You’re always doing your best as a parent. Of course, your best can be even better and more beneficial for your athlete.

This completely free mini-course gives you insight and wisdom from professional athletes on how to better support your child on their sporting journey.

You will see life through a different lens, which will help you support your athlete in a way that will lead them to playing with more joy, freedom, and flow.

The Ultimate Soccer Player

You do what it takes to support your soccer player.

You provide to them the right equipment, coaching, and more but you still want to do more in order for them to skyrocket their performance.

The Ultimate Soccer Player is your player’s exclusive program that him/her that extra boost, motivation, and organization to reach more of his/her potential on and off the field, created by a soccer coach (me) who has developed countless players to extremely high levels.


Soul Reboot Intensive

You want:

– More out of your life and to experience it more freely than you feel you do at this moment

– To live life fully and express yourself with no concern what others think, especially yourself.

Maybe you are having a tough time feeling lack of control about a situation you are in or feeling a sense of fear losing something or someone in your life.

You want to get rid of any doubts about yourself or what will happen in your life. You want to fully step into who you are and who you truly want to be.

This intensive helps you achieve all those desires and more.

You will see yourself in a completely different light- shining more brightly than you ever have before!

Soccer Player Intensive

You want:

– To fully tap into your potential as a soccer player

– To start your new season off with a bang or improve your performance mid-season

– To play with joy and flow

– To keep excelling and climbing to new levels

– To be in “the zone” more often and longer

– To keep your body healthy throughout your season

– Your coaches and teammates to trust you fully

Simply put- you want to be the best version of you.

This intensive helps you do all this and more! Playing more freely without need for any outcome only leads to success on the field and in life!

Reiki Healing Sessions


Reiki is a POWERFUL energetic method of healing with the hands and helps with physical and emotional ailments.

Gabe can do this healing for you remotely from wherever you are or in person.

Click the buttons below for more information on this extremely amazing way of cleansing your soul and body.

What People Are Saying

“Many Of Our Players Now Work With Gabe”

Throughout a long season, it’s important that I find different ways to challenge my team. Our club was fortunate to have Gabe as a guest speaker late in the season and he provided our players and staff with a unique perspective on the importance of mindful communication.

Gabe’s workshop centered around the core ideas of communication in relationship to trust, empathy, and positivity. In order to teach these concepts, you have to be a person who demonstrates these concepts. This is exactly who Gabe is and our players quickly picked up on his authenticity because of his genuine approach. Not only did he engage our group with his discussion, he also challenged them with activities that were both fun and practical. Most importantly, many of our players now work with Gabe individually or in small groups consistently, which I believe provides a competitive advantage for New Mexico United!

Troy Lesense

Head Coach, New Mexico United

“Gabe Is An Amazing Coach That Can Help You Transform Your Life”

Working with Gabe has been as amazing experience. He helped me understand how to use my mind to gain the best experiences in life. I was able to identify how my programming since I was child can affect the way I think, which affects my actions and then my reality. Throughout our time working together I was able to learn how my mind works and how I can tap into my true power. This has not only helped me with my performance on the pitch but also in my everyday life.

I would recommend working with Gabe to anyone looking to improve themselves. Gabe is an amazing coach that can help you transform your life, but even a better person that I’m grateful to have on my journey.

Rashawn Dally

Professional Soccer Player

“I Could See The Growth In Myself From A Week To Week Basis”

Working with Gabe has been a truly uplifting and inspirational journey. I knew from my first experience working with Gabe through a team workshop that I would want to work with him on a more personal basis.

Throughout our journey I could see the growth in myself from a week to week basis. I was able to take the lessons I’ve learned and put my spiritual growth into real life practice. I would recommend Gabe to anyone seeking to push themselves and develop a more clear mental being amongst a chaotic society that is all around us. It is clear the passion and dedication Gabe puts into his work and the results speak for themselves.

Chris Wehan

Professional Soccer Player, 2017 USL Rookie of the Year

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