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Two ingredients to better performance

by Gabe Nosseir | March 6, 2024

A massive step to unlocking more potential is getting to know and be honest with yourself on a deeper level and knowing how to use all the parts of you to your advantage.
Your unhealthy ego, aka false self, is a part of you that holds you back tremendously.
It impacts your relationships, your ability to succeed and grow in a healthy manner, and your physical, mental, and emotional health.
It is a part of you that you cannot get rid of.
At best, you can learn to manage it.
However glum this news may appear, there is a bright side.


A Dark Side of Sports

by Gabe Nosseir | February 22, 2024

Just like anything in life, there is a shadowy side to sports, especially competitive and professional athletics.

Sometimes there is a massive imbalance within a person that exists when they put in so much time and effort into fine-tuning their craft.

When money is involved, whether it’s making it or spending it, the darker side of people tends to shine brightly.

When there is a threat to a person’s image or sense of accomplishment, unhealthy behaviors can run amok.

A recent and very public example of this happened during the Super Bowl when Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce aggressively bumped his coach and screamed in his face about a decision he clearly was upset with.

Why this winter is REALLY important for you

by Gabe Nosseir | January 31, 2024

Building your personal strength is what the winter/north is about.
It’s important to do this now because it fertilizes your personal soil so the energetic seeds you plant for yourself in the spring will grow beautifully during the summer.
If you don’t tend to your soil in healthy ways, your “energetic crops” will be lackluster.
I doubt you want to feel that way and that you want something better for yourself.
Your power lies in your discomfort.
It is the best way to grow and not always the easiest.


Use Guilt & Shame to your advantage

by Gabe Nosseir | November 30, 2023

Healthy guilt and shame helps you learn from your “poor” choices so you do not make them again.
You are here to experience life and grow and learn.
The healthier your level of guilt and shame, the easier it is to accept and move on from your decisions and be comfortable feeling any challenging emotions.
The key is to connect those lower frequencies to your choices and not let them define them as who you actually are.


Step #3 in your evolution

by Gabe Nosseir | October 26, 2023

After taking the first step- being willing to face your discomfort and be brave enough to commit to evolving,
and then the second step- building consciousness and awareness, which starts with taking FULL responsibility for your life,
comes the third step, which is getting down to the root causes of what holds you back from believing and operating like the limitless badass you are meant to be.


Step #2 in your evolution

by Gabe Nosseir | October 13, 2023

When I coach people like you, the second step I take is to build consciousness and awareness, which starts with taking FULL responsibility for your life.

Quite simply put, nobody is in charge of your happiness and well-being except for you.

First step in your evolution

by Gabe Nosseir | October 11, 2023

Unfortunately, some people choose to wait until they are at a “rock bottom”, after they lost or are close to losing something in their lives, such as:
a relationship, job, health
Your evolution does not have to depend on any dire circumstances. 
You just need to be willing.


How to expand in the fall

by Gabe Nosseir | October 3, 2023

The energy of fall is letting go of what no longer serves you.
Just as the trees do with leaves, you have an opportunity to let go of things in your life.
Sometimes these can be actual items around your home and work environments, or relationships and jobs.


How to master perfectionism

by Gabe Nosseir | August 15, 2023

However, while the perfectionist has a high-level of concern of getting the “little things” flawless, the master understands they are important and that imperfection is part of the journey.
Mastery involves knowing perfectionism is unnecessary and often unattainable.


Trying to be perfect? Read this

by Gabe Nosseir | August 8, 2023

But this belief that you, or everything you do, can be, or should be perfect is a dangerous illusion.  
Yeah sure, you can accomplish a lot of things, look good, and make money…who doesn’t want that?
But, the dark side of perfectionism is the toll that it takes on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pieces of you, as well as your relationships- especially with your partner, children, and coworkers.


What your child is teaching you

by Gabe Nosseir | July 19, 2023

Whether you do or not, your child(ren) are your best teachers if you allow them to be.
This does not mean let go of teaching them structure, discipline and your values, while letting them run the show at home. 
Your biggest lesson comes from watching their behavior and seeing yourself in them.
 It comes from observing how they behave when they become emotionally dis-regulated and how they handle stress.
How you do is how they do it.


Yes, you’re crazy and here’s why

by Gabe Nosseir | March 14, 2023

Some of the individual choices you made and collective agreements you submitted to are not beneficial to you or to others.
Why is this?
It happens when you are not aligned with your essence, your higher self, and you do this when you operate from unconscious wounds, and personal and ancestral traumas.
These unhealed, or partially healed, wounds bind you to negative beliefs and self-talk about yourself.
It can take a while to truly work through this 

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