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A little about me…

I ventured the path of a life coach very early.

I still remember the first time I coached someone. It was second grade.

One of my best friends locked himself in the bathroom at school and could not figure out how to twist the interior lock to open the door. I successfully helped him get out.

Today, I am blessed to help more people move beyond the metaphorical locked doors of their lives.

As do many people, I searched for happiness. I tried to find joy outside of myself, namely through accomplishment and relationships.

Each time I reached a goal or milestone I did indeed feel happier, but never for long enough to really feel fulfilled in life. Fortunately, I kept diving deep into my soul and was introduced to an incredible coaching method and soon realized all I needed was already inside of me.

I started on the path to transformative coaching during my two decades of coaching soccer. Over the course of those fantastic years, I enjoyed and relished not only the development of my players and teams, but my own personal growth as well.

During my process, I experienced a major shift within myself while coaching one team in particular and began naturally tapping into my innate ability. I suddenly was teaching with A Clear Mind; my training sessions were flowing, relationships with my players and others were flourishing, and when I was coaching on the field, it was as if I was operating through a higher and divine power.

I found the more personal work I did, the better and more successful I became.

In addition to coaching soccer, I owned and operated highly successful businesses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which included new commercial construction, indoor soccer leagues, and a child-development soccer program.  Lil’ Kickers was one of the top 10 performing franchises in the country, alongside markets such as Seattle and Chicago.

While operating those businesses, I continuously felt a pull to help individuals in a more in depth manner and knew the universe would point me in the right direction.

In 2021 I found myself on the Shamanic Path and studied this more than 25,000 years-old way of life, which includes a deep connection with nature and allies.  My teachers on this part of my journey include world-renowned Shamanic Practitioners, and Shamans from Mexico and Peru.

In 2022 I became a Shamanic Practitioner, which allows me to help others become reconnected with their essences and building their personal power through Shamanic Healing and teachings.

I am here to help people achieve a stronger level of consciousness in everything they do, especially in athletics. 

So, here I am, ready to serve you.

Will you join me in unlocking your limitless potential?


Gabe Nosseir is a father, coach, Shamanic practitioner, entrepreneur, and mentor who truly enjoys helping people get the most out of their lives.

The people he works with know him as extremely caring, driven, and someone who sees very much below the surface of consciousness.

Along with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, Gabe coached highly successful youth soccer teams and players from youth, college, semi-professional, to the professional level and built highly successful businesses in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His lifelong passion of psychology and human nature tied into everything he has done in his life and helped countless individuals, including athletes, entrepreneurs, students, coaches, and more.

He takes his clients through the transformative coaching method, helping them understand what truly holds them back or slows them down, how to let go of disruptive thinking and to understand the inside-out reality of mentality.

Gabe’s presence with his clients is extremely evident and approaches his sessions with his own clear mind and unconditional love and light. This helps him help his clients achieve their own clear mind and to delve deep into their own being.

Through this process, they are able to maneuver past their perceived obstacles, experience a major shift in consciousness and realize they truly have a limitless potential.

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