People who experienced major shifts working with Gabe Nosseir

In their own words

“Left Everyone Better People For Having Worked With Him”

“I was fortunate to meet and work with Gabe through the Rise & Shine Foundation where we worked together as part of a team of coaches and mentors to a group of young soccer players. 

I was deeply impressed with his depth of knowledge and experience, and his ability to meaningfully engage with the athletes and staff. It is rare to hear people coaching young players on the importance of both the mental and emotional sides of sport. Gabe however, worked passionately all week with the girls on how to become a better athlete and person through developing a deeper understanding and awareness of oneself.

He tackled this difficult topic with a level of honesty, compassion, and knowledge that left everyone, athletes and coaches, better people for having worked with him.”

Andrea Neil

Captain and 18 year Veteran of Canadian Women's National Soccer Team , Upon Retirement- Most appearances in Canadian soccer history and fifth overall for goals


“Gabe’s workshop I attended was transformational, informative, and really broke down the essence of communication and self-reflection. All great tools to unlock your best performance!”
Jay Demerit

Former Professional Soccer Player, Former US Men's National Team Player

“The Results Were Incredible!”

In 2015, Albuquerque High won it’s first state title for boys soccer bringing in a new era of achievement and expectations for the program. The following year, the team made it back to the final game of the state tournament but lost. In the reflective process afterwards, it was clear the critical piece of the game that we hadn’t given enough attention to throughout the season was the psychological aspect. Going in to 2017, we knew we had the talent for success and were confident of the players’ buy-in to the the team philosophy, but the most critical adjustment we would have to make would be to better prepare our players psychologically. We brought Gabe in to work with the team throughout the 2017 season.

From the first introductory session to the last, the enjoyment, the engagement, the critical thinking and the introspection was beyond my expectations. In fact, the entire process ended up being just as helpful for the coaching staff as it was for the players. It was transformative and absolutely eye-opening as we probed deep into aspects of the game and our relationship to it that we usually either take for granted or ignore.

The results were incredible. In our three games of the 2017 state tournament I saw a resilience and a mental awareness I hadn’t seen in the team in previous years as every game presented us with one incredibly difficult scenario after another. The players’ ability to deal with every situation and every setback was exactly the psychological achievement we wanted Gabe to help guide them to. By the end of the tournament we were champions again and won our second state title in three years. We’re looking forward to keeping Gabe involved in our program for years to come.

Lucien Starzynski

Soccer Coach

“Gabe Taught Me A New Way To Look At The World & Myself”

As a professional soccer player, there is a lot of stress and uncertainty that goes into this business. When I first started talking with Gabe, I was having a difficult time and my performance was suffering. Gabe taught me a new way to look at the world and myself. Focusing inward and recognizing thought as the underlying source of all the stress and doubt, I am able to clear the storm inside my mind and clearly see my goals. I am able to see the enjoyment in my profession that I have had since I was five years old. Thanks to the sessions with Gabe, I found a new resonance within my day to day life. I am more present in the moment and have found more fulfillment in everything that I do. Gabe is an excellent coach, and very easy to open up with. I highly recommend Gabe to anyone who wants more peace and happiness in their lives.

Andy Thoma

Professional Soccer Player

“I Had No Idea How Deep It Was Going To Be”

I went into the group workshop with Gabe thinking it would be some kind of basic team building focus.  I had no idea how deep it was going to be.  What Gabe spoke about felt so easy to take in.  I went home and spoke with my roommates about what I experienced and the philosophy I learned and we spoke for over two hours about it.  After the group workshop I had with him, I changed the way I looked at negative things whether it is from school, work, relationships, friends and family. 

Gabe has taught me to think and become a better individual. He has taught me a great amount and one of the most memorable pieces of advice I have ever received was from him. Gabe made me look at myself in a new way, which gave me the opportunity to help those around me as well. I managed to learn how to control my stress and negativity and know that when encountering stress, it is just a thought, not what is actually happening. I learned how to understand where the negative thoughts inside of me comes from, which naturally lets the negative become positive and have the positive consume my mind and body.

I highly recommend Gabe to anyone who wants to change the way they think and want to become mentally healthy.

Eileen Alexia Zendejas

Former College Soccer Player, Graduate Student

“I Have A Clearer Perspective”

While working with Gabe as my coach, I felt truly heard as he lead me to a deeper understanding of my thoughts about what I had been experiencing, and how they were influencing my current actions. Gabe’s insightful and straight forward approach helped me to see more deeply the old beliefs that I held as true, and supported me in releasing them. Ah! Now, I have a clearer perspective and more ability to respond to what is showing up effectively. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to move forward, play full out and show up powerfully in the arena of life.

Katie Pavlik

Transformative Health Coach

“He’s Made A Lasting Positive Impact”

“I have known Gabe the majority of my life now, and without a doubt he’s made a lasting, positive impact on it with a lifelong friendship and mentorship. He has supported me all throughout my journey thus far and has seen me succeed, fail, and start new again, all while sincerely listening and providing guidance when needed. Gabe has always been a calm presence and a voice of reason in my life, and he provides a unique perspective to life that I would most likely not consider without him. If you have the privilege of working with him, wholeheartedly I would recommend it!”

Nico Muñiz

Entrepreneur & Former Professional Soccer Player

“I Have Come To Learn How To Honor Myself”

I came to Gabe feeling lost, scared, given up on, and alone. Fear, my lack of acceptance, and my need to control, overwhelmed my being. As we worked, and continue to work together, I have come to realize that I do in fact hold the power within myself to let go of control and to take influence away from the thoughts that cause me anxiety. I have come to learn how to honor myself. In doing so, for the first time in my life, I have slowly began to forgive myself and let go of self-judgments. Thanks to Gabe, I am beginning to believe that I can live more fulfilling, free and rich life.


Business Manager

“I Feel Like I Am A New Person”

Gabe Nosseir is a lifetime coach for me due to his integrity and ethical moral fiber. Gabe has assisted me in a number of issues I was having in my personal life as well as my business. Gabe has been instrumental in the way I am feeling on a day to day basis which provides me with a better life all around. I feel like I am a new person and ready to take on the world with any issue or problem that may arise. I highly suggest that, if you are looking for a coach, you choose Gabe Nosseir, for he is a great coach and blessing in my life.

Mochtar Abukusumo

Entrepreneur & Former Professional Soccer Player

“Experience The Uplifting & Transformative Power Of A Clear Mind”

Gabe is a powerful coach who has a long track-record of bringing out the best in others. I have no doubt he can help you do the same. I would recommend working with Gabe to anyone who is feeling stuck in any area of their lives and is ready to experience the uplifting and transformative power of a clear mind.

Joshua Benavides

Founder & Director of the Transformative Coach Institute

“He’s Helped Me Find The Positive Path While Building My Confidence”

Over the two decades I’ve known Gabe he has been a consistently calm and steady influence throughout the twists and turns of my life.  As the years have passed, I’ve become more and more reliant on his guidance and what truly amazes me is how he’s able to help me find clarity in multiple aspects of my life.  Whether it’s been my business struggles, family trauma or relationship fears he’s helped me find the positive path while building my confidence to keep moving forward.  I continue to seek his advice and I’m forever grateful to have him in my life.

Ubusuku Abukusumo

Real Estate Entrepreneur & Former Professional Soccer Player

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